Book4Games FAQs

Who are you?

Book4Games was funded in France in 2021 by passionate people who have been playing video games all their lives and who collected them for over three decades.

We’re a very open company that welcomes all types of profiles (product designers, illustrators, quality managers etc.). Some of us have another main job while others are joining the team occasionally as freelancers or just giving a hand on their spare time.
We truly consider ourselves as homebrewers in the video game accessories’ industry, and we only do things that we love!
During one of the 2020 lockdowns, we started discussing how we were sorting our own game collection, how we were displaying our most valuable games and how bad and inconvenient it was to store our loose cartridges in shoe boxes That’s when we came up with the initial idea create “high-quality-tailor-made-custom-designed-book-like boxes”.
In April 2021, we partnered up with Play-Asia.com, a major video-games retailer based in South East Asia, and we launched our very first products dedicated to the Super Nintendo and Super Famicom.

Who is it intended for?

For anyone who owns old loose video game cartridges!
Our Precision Game Storage are for people that are looking for quality products and don’t want their loose games too visible in their home, for those who like to tidy up their collection, or simply want to display their favorite cartridges in their gaming room shelves or glass cabinet. They are also the perfect gift for anyone into retro gaming!

I need these for [insert console name], when will it be available?

As a small company, our production is very limited. We expect to cover most popular retro systems in the future, but we cannot say when exactly, as it depends on too many factors. However, requests on our social networks for a specific system can surely help us prioritize which one we should cover first.

Do you offer wholesale?

Sorry, at the moment, we cannot offer wholesales on our new products. But we hope we will be able to do so in the future.

Does the name Book4Games means we will only have 4 games in each one of your products?

While we understand why you may think that, the answer is no. We worked hard to design a universal format for our boxes that would fit in most people shelves (e.g. Ikea Kallax) and work with both big and small cartridges (e.g. NES and Game Boy). This was done to create a sense of collection when our products for different platforms are placed side by side.
The number of games is only limited to this format, meaning you will be able to store much more Game Boy or PC-Engine cartridges.

Why did you not make [insert feature] on your products ?

It’s nearly impossible to please everyone at 100%, but as retro gamers ourselves, we understand that every collection have different needs. We are constantly improving our products according to our customers’ remarks when it is possible.

All our design choices are made based on quality, cost efficiency, environmental reasons and industrial limitations. To put it simple, every feature, even the smallest ones, can add up to the retailing price.

Why not adding a sleeve for manuals?

Again, it’s a design choice motivated by the reasons mentioned earlier. We all have a few manuals laying around, but we mostly have loose cartridges without them. In some areas of the world, manuals can also be very thick because of all the different languages. It would have been impossible to predict what would fit or not.

Can my games be damaged by the flap magnet ?

Don’t worry, we do not use strong magnets, and we made sure that there was enough high density foam to cancel any magnetic field between your games and our small magnets.

I love your products but I think they are too expensive…

It really depends on what you are looking for. If you have hundreds of games, of course, you may want to rely on the other and cheaper solutions available around. Our products are intended to store and display your favorite or rarest games.

From what we have seen, as game collectors ourselves, none of the existing solutions offers the design and quality that we have. We only do small productions in Europe of a 100% custom and non-generic products, and we try to use the best materials available (Jewelry grade HD EVA foam…) with the best value for money in mind. In comparison, some other alternatives are not cheaper for what they really are.

Today, we are also deeply impacted by the costs and worldwide shortage of raw materials and energies due to the pandemic.

Your question has not been answered? Please feel free to contact us here or on Twitter.